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Monday, January 18, 2010

A wreath

Inspired by : Living With Lindsay

I created a wreath. A fabulously phenomenal wreath that I am totally obsessed with. Everyone that comes to my home is obsessed with it, too.


Made with an aged book that was falling to pieces, and accented with a black and white gingham ribbon.


Just in time for Angel Boy's 3rd birthday, I finally finished the holiday decor.


And just like that, Thanksgiving came and went (his birthday fell ON Thanksgiving this year), and the time came to begin Christmas editing.


I simply nestled the red ornaments in the pages. The ones on the bottom had a tiny piece of tape so they wouldn't drop out, but most of them didn't even need that. I was half way through Christmas decorating here and, unfortunately, don't have the completed photo. Imagine, fall foliage out, evergreen and red berries in. Owls and blue cones out, Rudolph, Christmas trees in. I started a salt dough nativity but as most of my projects go, it was unfinished. I also started an awesome advent calendar that I will hopefully be able to share this coming Christmas :)

Enjoy the wreath and please, PLEASE! make one of your own. Just don't burn your fingers. Wait until you see what I have in store for the rest of the holidays.


  1. Can we have instructions please? It sure looks simple enough, but I can't seem to see how you made it work... :)

  2. Bryna- The link to Living With Lindsay at the top of the post links directly to her tutorial. She even has a video so I would never do better than she did!!

    However, after you check that out, if you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them!!!

    It really is easy, albeit a little time consuming.